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Our New Deal for People

​Some Highlights (details in the PDF documents along with our complete New Deal for People)

  • Coverage of prescription medication so people no longer need to choose ​between the medications they need and other essentials, and adding dental, optometry, hearing and mental health to our healthcare system

  • Strong protections to supply management, grants for young people who want to get into farming, and eliminating tax burdens associated with passing down a family farm

  • Strong protections for our environment, acknowledging the impacts of climate change on our rural communities and the impact that erratic weather has on farming

  • Taking better care of our seniors, by ensuring when companies go bankrupt pensioners are paid first, improving rural public transit, investing in senior care, and making the tax credit for caregivers refundable among other initiatives 

  • A meaningful plan for reconciliation with first nations

  • Holding the richest among us to account and having them pay their fair share so that the working class can finally get a break