Housing Development


One of the main focuses of my campaign and my life is housing.

Housing is a human right but the housing and rental markets are in dangerous situations that see families leaving Glengarry-Prescott-Russell and many stuck in unhealthy or abusive situations because there is nowhere affordable to escape without leaving the area they love.

During our Housing Townhall many people reached out to me and my campaign manager seeking help.

We have been able to help people find homes and apartments, apply for support services, and even helped people move.

These problems exist because of successive Liberal and Conservative governments and everyone who has reached out to us has tried to find help through our local politicians but are still unable to find secure, affordable housing.

It is the core duty of our elected officials to help people in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell but not the core focus once they are elected.

Since my team and I have been focusing much of our time and effort in helping those who reach out we have decided to create an internal program of gathering tenants information and helping them find safe living situations.

We will not share this information with anyone and because this is being done through this website it does add you to our campaign list.

This is an intake form, once filled out we will follow up.

The goal is to gather a list of people looking for a place and gather a list of reviewed landlords who have safe places and fair rent.

If you are a landlord who is interested in helping us connect people with safe and affordable housing please reach out to us as well.

It is important to be honest in these forms so we can properly help.

Please note that if you select the box under this we need your current location.

Are you currently in any of the following programs?

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