Defending the rights of women and non-binary people is not as simple as saying you are a feminist. Serious action is needed in this country. Konstantine would like to advocate for women and non-binary people by:

  • Promoting women’s economic equality by ensuring pay equity, encouraging unionization, improving access to EI, and setting a minimum salary for employees under federal jurisdiction

  • Ending violence against women by investing in prevention, education, and counselling, and by improving access to justice and protection of victims’ rights.

  • Adequate, sustained and multi-year funding to expand access to shelter and transition houses to support women fleeing violence.

  • Guaranteeing that abortion is a fully funded, universally accessible medical procedure, and protecting the personal safety of physicians, personnel and patients at abortion clinics.

  • Establishing a health subsidy to the provinces for free access to menstrual products and contraception for all people who menstruate.

  • Including gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act. and Ensuring gender-appropriate federal identification documents, including a nonbinary gender option, are available and easily accessible; and, eliminating requirements for individuals to possess gender markers on their identification documents in order to board aircrafts, in order to allow provinces the freedom to remove gender completely on ID they issue. Ensuring robust competency training on gender for all border and airport security agents

  • Ending non medically necessary surgeries on intersex infants  babies cannot consent to these permanent surgeries