Once a week at 5:30pm on Thursday Konstantine sits down with a guest to discuss an issue that he wants to highlight. The conversations are sometimes in French, sometimes in English and sometimes bilingual depending mainly on the preference of the guest. 

Topics have included Indigenous issues, autistic self-advocacy, francophone communities, the environment and so much more. 

Please enjoy the back catalogue of chats and if you would like to suggest a topic we'd love to hear from you. 

Paul Taylor et la sécurité alimentaire/ and food security

Niki Ashton et L'Internationale Progressiste/ and Progressive International

Sarah et Morgan et la pauvrété des pensionneres/ and poverty for those on pension programs

Lisa Deacon et un plan d'action climatique a UCPR/ and a climate action plan for UCPR (bilingue/bilingual)

Gilles Provost et Ginette Charbonneau et le site nucléaire de Chalk River/ and the Chalk River nuclear site (french/francais)

Carol Hughes et L'Université Laurentienne/ and Laurentian University (french/francais)

Sean Conway et l'état de la vérité et réconciliation/ and the state of truth and reconcilliation (English/anglais)

Action Champlain et l'opposition a la cimenterie a L'orignal/and opposition to the cement plant in l'Orignal (bilingual/bilingue)

Thaila Riden and community gardens/jardin communautaire (English/anglais)

Matthew Lipton and Autism self-advocacy/avocat autiste (anglais seulement/English only)

Dr. Nima Machouf épidémiologist sur le COVID-19/epidemiologist discussing COVID-19 (français/French)

Jessica Joanis candidate féderal d'Orléans/Orleans federal candidate(bilingual)

Hammam Farah et la réponse canadienne a la situation à Gaza/Hammam Farah and the Canadian response to the situation in Gaza(English only)

Shanna Steals et le soutien fédéral aux arts/and federal support for the arts(bilingual)

Jean-Michel Tweed sur l'expérience d'un travailleur esentiel/on the experience of being an essential worker (bilingual)

Kandy Gray travailleuse d'un réfuge de femmes/Women's shelter worker (english)

Sylvie Paquette candidate d'investiture provinciale/provincial nomination candidate (bilingual)

Dennis Howlett and tax fairness/justice d'impots (English only)

Alistair MacGregor and Agriculture and Rural Communities (In English Only)

Bonnie Jean-Louis et les lieus de travailles pro-familliales/and family friendly workplaces (bilingual)

Alexandre Boulerice, Pierre Etienne Daignault et la francophonie a GPR/and the francophonie in GPR(In French Only)

Ben from Hidden Trails Farm/Ben du Ferme Hidden Trails (English mostly with a little French)

Allison Gilson and the reality of working in a long term care home/Allison Gilson et la réalité du travail dans un foyer de soins de longue durée (English only)

Richard Leblanc et les métallos/Richard Leblanc and the United Steelworkers (bilingual, more French)

Crystal Warner and working for the government during COVID-19/Crystal Warner et travaillé pour le gouvernement pendant COVID-19 (bilingual English mostly)

Jay Woodruff discussing disability advocacy/ Jay Woodruff discuter le lutte pour des personnes handicapées (English only)

Leeça St-Aubin and clear cutting in Plantagenet/ et les coupes à blancs a Plantagenet (bilingual)

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