On behalf of the United Steelworkers, I have spent most of my adult life defending, fighting and advocating for worker’s rights in Eastern Ontario. The NDP has always been an unwavering ally in our efforts to improve working conditions. In recent years, I have had the privilege to discuss various labour related topics with Konstantine Malakos and he undoubtedly shares my values of fighting for worker’s rights, good jobs and social justice. The labour movement needs advocates like Konstantine and this is why I will support him in his bid for the nomination to represent the NDP in the riding of Glengarry-Prescott Russell.


Richard Leblanc

Area Coordinator, Eastern Ontario

United Steelworkers

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"To break through in ridings like GPR, we need candidates who step forward and stay active between elections. Konstantine has done that."

Oliver Kent


NDP Eastern Ontario Area Council

Konstantine is an authentic feminist and human rights activist. After meeting with Konstantine I immediately knew he would be a great representative. He is very well spoken and can defend with clear and logical statements the issues that affect working people. He listens to everyone’s ideas and shows empathy while working toward solutions. He does his research and honestly cares about others. His goal is your goal. Listening to a few debates, I was impressed with his demeanour and confidence. I know he can fight for us in Parliament and stand up to make fair decisions. Humble and passive, he wants what is right before all else. Holding all parties to play by the rules, he wants to eliminate greed, bring back the sense of community, equity, and fairness. From medical and dental care to the housing crisis, he shows passion to help the ones with less and leads by example.

Méliza Fournier

Resident of Rockland, Mother of two, COPE member

Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union

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"Over the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to work and get to know Konstantine. He understands that people in our country are facing an uphill battle and with his drive, ambition and work ethic I believe that he will be a great advocate for the people of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. For those and many more reasons I 100% put my support behind Konstantine Malakos for the NDP nomination in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell"

Alexander Warner-Kernick
Orleans NDP Riding Association

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“Konstantine will not serve the powerful interest groups that shape Canadian politics — the drug companies who don’t want national pharmacare, or the banks who made billions as so many suffered during COVID19.

Konstantine will listen to you, and work hard for you. I grew up in Vankleek Hill, and I see in Konstantine the same progressive values that are part of Glengarry Prescott Russell. Don’t settle for anything less.”

Joel Harden

MPP Ottawa Centre

Ontario NDP critic Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities

raised in Vankleek Hill

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"As a disability advocate, I have found no support locally until Konstantine took the time to listen and offer his support in my efforts and I know he will continue to not only fight but support those who do.

Konstantine is a true friend to the disabled community and will take our fight to the highest level."

Jay Woodruff

disability advocate,

Rockland resident,

Provincial NDP nomination candidate

"It is my pleasure to endorse Konstantine Malakos as our local NDP candidate. He has the area's best interests at heart, and is an exemplary human being."

Sherri Van Eyk

Private Caregiver

Resident of Vankleek Hill

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I got to know Konstantine Malakos during the last federal election campaign in October 2019.


I admit that I was very surprised to hear him speak in French. I

fell into the prejudices of my ancestors and the saying: his name doesn't “sound” French-speaking. I am well aware of the fact that the face of French Ontario is changing and my experience of the Francophonie is only one among many others.


The Ontarian francophonie now has many faces that make it even richer and more varied and Konstantine Malakos is one of those "faces".


As a proud Franco-Ontarian; as a member of the Circle Horace-Viau and on this International Day of Francophonie, I have no doubt that Konstantine Malakos has the Francophonie at heart and that he will always work so that French remains one of Canada's official languages.



Stephane (Stef) Paquette

Franco-Ontarian Musician and Comedian

2019 NDP candidate-Nickle Belt

Konstantine has my vote!! Over the past few years, I have seen him

interested in everything that concerns us and willing to take an active 

part in any kind of improvement for the life of the residents of this area. 


He is always there for us, diligent and dedicated. He will make an excellent

member for the NDP.


Karen Mingarelli B.Ba.

Hawkesbury Poverty Reduction

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lulu english.png

I just imagine MP Konstantine and I wanna do what I can to help make that future a reality! Active protection for the environment, for workers, for disabled folks, for parents, for our healthcare system! We need real fighters for all this, he's a great person to take that on. 


Lulu Larcenciel 

Autism Advocate

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