It’s time to stop Colacem!

This cement plant should have never been allowed to move forward in the beginning, for the longest time Francis Drouin said nothing could be done about it on a federal level even writing a letter to the editor in the review claiming the federal government had no role to play but like many things he pretends are jurisdictional issues this is simply not true.

Thank you for supporting this!

The environmental assessment has more holes than a colander and that falls under federal jurisdiction, on top of that as this impacts interprovincial waters it falls under the fisheries act which is also under federal jurisdiction, then there is the fact that it impacts water upstream of the Kanesatake first nation and so therefore cannot be done without a nation to nation agreement with the Kanesatake nation under UNDRIP which again falls under federal jurisdiction. There are so many approaches to this for a federal politician who is serious about stopping the project.  

This is a crisis of leadership.

The people of the community have made their voices heard over and over again, donating as much money as they could muster for legal challenges to the construction of the plant over the last ten years.

Why then did it take until now for Drouin to get involved? He has been MP for six years at this point and the Colacem plant has been an important local issue this whole time.

We need to call upon the federal government to


  •  Commit to a full consultation (respecting their stance) with the Kanesatake nation prior to even considering moving ahead with this project. (respecting UNDRIP)



  • A completely new federal environmental assessment of the potential impacts of this project.



  • ·Requesting that the attorney general of Canada file an injunction of the project under the fisheries act




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